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Diverted over 100 tons of glass and food waste from landfill

Set up the first glass recycling operation on the coast of Colombia

Collected over 250,000 bottles for reuse and recycling

Created full time jobs for 5 people 

Grown over 100kg of organic produce

Educated teams in 18 businesses in how to recycle and reduce their waste

Converted food waste into more than 2 tons of  nutrient-rich compost

Delivered a glass art course to 10 people


Supporting 6 women to run a business making products from recycled glass

Constructed our recycling centres using 6,823 empty bottles and 1,100 coconuts 

Inspired over 20 businesses and 70 individuals to contribute to our fund and efforts

Sent 1,700L (450 gallons) of cooking oil to be converted into biofuel