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Diverted over 350 tons of glass and food waste from landfill

Set up the first glass recycling operations in Cartagena.

Certified as a Negocio
Verde & won the Tahona Society Social Impact Competition 2023

Resulting in job opportunities for 16 people 

Working with 7 island businesses to replicate
the model of self-
sufficient management
of waste 

Educated over 2,000 people across 45 businesses in how to recycle and reduce waste

Converted tons of food waste into nutrient-rich compost. Composting instead of landfill reduces this waste´s carbon footprint by 98%! 

Delivered a glass art course to 10 people, with 6 women now running their own artisanal glass business from their own workshop at Blue Apple


Those 6 women have sold over 6,000 products to businesses and individuals across Colombia

Inspired over 40 businesses and 30,000 individuals to contribute to our fund and efforts

Constructed our recycling centres using 6,823 empty bottles and 1,100 coconuts.  And now setting up a new Industrial Glass Recycling centre for the city - opening in 2024. 


Sold and donated 100s of tons of glass sand for construction and sand blasting locally, reducing beach erosion, stimulating a local economy and reducing the supply chain carbon footprint.

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