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Green Apple aims to be self-funding in all of its activities.  We provide services of value, for which we charge and we use the income to run our operation. 

However, all the businesses that we work with are closed right now, and for the safety of our team, the foundation is closed.  As a not-for-profit, we don't have reserves to help us through a global pandemic.

So now, donations are more vital than ever in enabling us to ensure our team can buy food and have healthcare cover.

We spend our money carefully and we provide complete transparency - anyone making a donation is welcome to download a copy of our accounts.  When you donate, we will also provide updates on the foundation’s progress.


You can choose to donate to a specific project or to the foundation in general.

current projects


coronavirus aid

The foundation is closed currently and our employees cannot work. 

Make a donation towards covering 80% of their lost wages, plus their healthcare benefits. We will ensure they receive this money and benefits.


If there is a surplus, we will coordinate with local organisations in Bocachica, to ensure donations support people living in the town. The population is especially at risk, because there is no access to running water on the island. 

artisans' workshop

The foundation is supporting 6 women who are starting a business making products from  glass

They have been fulfilling orders for some of the best restaurants and bars in Cartagena. 

To take the business to the next level, the women need additional tools and a workshop. 

Blue Apple has gifted a space, but the foundation needs funds to build the workshop and buy the tools, so the women have a stable place to work. 

sustainable construction

This year, the foundation will partner with communities on the island of Tierra Bomba to share skills and build infrastructure using sustainable materials. 

We'll be building benches, raised beds, stores, paths, floors and maybe even houses!

We have the bottles.  We have the glass sand.  And we have people who can teach others the techniques.

But for each project, there are additional transport and material costs.


Every peso counts, so thank you for your donation

Right now, we don't have an online donations system. But you can make a transfer using the options below. Please specify if you would like to give to a specific project, or if your donation can go towards the foundation's work in general.

Donations in Colombia

Fundación Green Apple

Bank: BBVA

NIT: 901177010-2

Account No: 762002517

Please email us after you donate, so we can send you a donation certificate and ensure we transfer the money to the foundation and project.

Donations from outside Colombia

Option 1

Miss P I Hart
Bank:  HSBC

Account No: 81096702
Sort code: 40-03-00

IBAN: GB04HBUK40030081096702

Option 2

PayPal to Blue Apple Beach

Please specify if you would like to give to a specific project, or if your donation can go towards the foundation's work in general.  You can do this by referencing the project during the payment process or email us to let us know.

Donations outside Colombia:

Option 1:   Portia Hart is Legal Director of Fundación Green Apple. Funds will be transferred directly from Portia Hart's account to Fundación Green Apple's bank account.

Option 2:   Fundación Green Apple is completely independent of Blue Apple Beach, but we are situated on Blue Apple's site.  Blue Apple has agreed to help us by receiving and transferring funds to the foundation without charge.

You will receive a donation receipt - please email us when you make a donation.