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Getting back on our feet. 

While the pandemic continues, the Foundation has been able to put staff back on contracts and return to work since February. 

Green Apple was named Best Global Eco Initiative in the Marie Claire Sustainable Travel Awards. 


Stopped in our tracks.

By March 2020, the Foundation was making strong progress and financially robust. 

Colombia locked down for almost 7 months making operations impossible. However, with a generous donation of £5,000 GBP from the Treebeard Trust combined with government subsidies, Green Apple was able to keep staff on salary until September. 

The final three months of the year the Foundation was closed.



First full year of operation.

2019 was a year of growth for the Foundation. Waste collection increased from 3 tons a month to over 8 tons a month. 

Green Apple secured a contract with Diageo to process bottle waste from seven local bars and nightclubs. 

Investing in an electric scooter (rather than a bicycle!) made collections faster and more efficient. A crowdfunding campaign raised $4,000 USD enabling the Foundation to launch the female artisan workshops. 


Start-up mode.

In May 2018, Blue Apple Beach (a hotel on an island near Cartagena, Colombia) decided to share knowledge, best practice and resources with other businesses trying to reduce the impact of their waste. 

The Fundación Green Apple was created as a separate, non-profit legal entity. The first eight months of operation were a steep learning curve in not only waste management, but also fundraising, budgeting and reporting. 

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