who benefits from green apple initiatives?  well, everyone.

We believe in giving everyone a good reason to want to do this for the long-term.  


Local People living in poor communities with a lack of employment and infrastructure, and little or non- existent waste facilities, benefit from jobs, education, social change, a cleaner environment and increased tourism as a result.


Participating businesses in Cartagena, which receive waste disposal, recycling and consultancy services in return for contributions, plus improved brand image and resultant sales.

Customers who can choose to buy goods and services responsibly, supporting businesses where their spend directly results in benefits for local community and the environment. 


Suppliers to the sector, often global brands, benefit from positive PR associated with sustainability, as well as having waste, for which in many countries they are responsible, be recycled, repurposed or responsibly disposed for them. 


Governments of  places like Costa Rica have achieved the dual benefit of protecting their  environments AND positioning within “Eco-Tourism”, attracting affluent, responsible tourists, while setting a positive example on an international stage. 

and who is behind it?

Jenny Teasdale  is our Operational Director, managing staff and all our activities. Born in the UK, Jenny has run a number of sustainability projects and has experience in development in vulnerable communities. She is currently donating her time.


Humberto Gasca is from Cartagena, and has more than three decades experience running companies, specialising in logistics. He donates his time to Green Apple, handling the legal and administrative side of things.  

Co-Founder Portia Hart co-owns two boutique hotels in Cartagena. She applies her business knowledge to ensure Green Apple is not only environmentally, but also economically sustainable.  Portia also donates her time, helping with strategy, marketing and fundraising .

The magicians behind all of the hard work are Alvaro, Albert, Aldair and Werlin, who all work full time for the foundation, receiving more than the national minimum monthly wage with all health and pension benefits. 

Greisis, Irina, Merleth, Milagro, Yerlis  and Yohiceth have been working with the foundation for over a year making artisanal glass products, from which they receive 70% of the sales price, with 30% going towards materials and skills development.  

The foundation is currently supporting a group of six women from the town of Bocachica - Yerlis, Yohiceth, Milagro, Greisis, Merleth and Irina.   They are developing their own business, making and selling glass products.



And we're working on a number of projects in sustainable construction and environmental awareness with our partners and the community in Bocachica.