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things we need

We don't just recycle - we also re-use as much as we can. Electronics, tools, arts and building materials are all things that we can make use of.

So before you throw something out, take a look at our list to see if we can give it a life for a little longer!

Give a little something

buy local

Why buy something from miles away, when you can buy locally in Cartagena?

We supply sand for construction, art and landscaping; plants, compost or fresh organic produce and glass products from local artisans.  We are taking advance orders if you'd like to help us through this difficult time.

Buy a Little Something

spread the word on biofuel

Many of Cartagena’s delicious local delicacies are deep-fried. Oil must be regularly changed, and if dumped in the sink or landfill, causes blockages and contamination.


The good news is that organisations like Ecoil Energia, can process old oil into biofuel or raw material for other industries, and they pay 1,000 pesos ($0.35) per litre of used oil.


Islanders will be able to drop off their oil at Green Apple, which will pay them the 1,000 pesos on behalf of Ecoil Energia and also transport the oil to the mainland at no cost.


In the case of our corporate partners on the mainland,  revenue from their oil will be donated to Green Apple and pooled to put towards larger projects.

Correr la voz sobre los biocombustibles

Muchos de los deliciosos manjares locales de Cartagena son fritos. El aceite debe cambiarse regularmente, y si se vierte en el lavaplatos o en la basura, provoca obstrucciones y contaminación.


La buena noticia es que organizaciones como Ecoil Energia pueden procesar el aceite usado en biocombustibles o materia prima para otras industrias, y pagan 1.000 pesos ($ 0.35) por litro de aceite usado.


Los isleños podrán dejar su aceite en Green Apple, que pagará 1.000 pesos en nombre de Ecoil Energía y también transportará el aceite a la ciudad sin costo alguno.


En el caso de nuestros socios corporativos en la ciudad, los ingresos de su aceite se donarán a Green Apple y se agruparán para proyectos de mayor magnitud.

organic produce

Centro de reutilización comunitario

Los hoteles de lujo, bares y restaurantes a menudo tienen que retirar productos de su inventario antes de que su vida útil haya terminado.


Un plato rayado, una sábana rasgada o una funda de almohada manchada puede que no sirva para un hotel de lujo.


Sin embargo, muchos de estos artículos aún tienen meses o años de vida útil. Un centro de reutilización permite un flujo de mercancías fácil y gratuito, asimismo permite compartir herramientas especializadas que solo se necesitan de vez en cuando.


Green Apple financiará un centro en el pueblo y recaudará donaciones de empresas (e individuos) de la ciudad. Se crearán al menos 2 trabajos para ejecutar y mantener el centro, con posibles ingresos provenientes de las tarifas de alquiler de las herramientas y equipos especializados.

community re-use centre

Luxury hotels, bars and restaurants often have to retire their inventory before it's useful life is over. A chipped plate, ripped sheet or stained cushion cover might not do for a high end hotel. Many of these items however, still have months or years of useful life.


A reuse centre allows the easy and free flow of goods, as well as enabling the sharing of specialist tools which are only needed from time to time.


Green Apple will fund a centre in the village and collect donations from mainland businesses (and individuals). 

At least 2 jobs will be created to run the centre, with potential revenue coming from rental fees for tools and specialist equipment


good treats

Even when you're treating yourself, you can contribute to positive local projects. 


Buy a cocktail from one of our partners, or take a trip to the beach at Blue Apple and you're putting your pesos to good use, supporting us with every sip. 


So treat yourself today! 

Find out Where

come visit!

We love it when people take an interest in what we do. If you'd like to find out more by taking a trip to Bocachica, we can arrange a tour. 

You can crush a bottle, learn how to make compost, meet the artisans and much more.

Take a Tour

We work with businesses to turn their food waste into compost. We have a kitchen garden where we grow organic herbs and produce.

We'd love to scale up the impact of this project with an internship program, training local people to grow organic produce, which can be sold to bars and restaurants in Cartagena.

We're looking for donations to fund the internship program and scale up our growing skills and capacity.